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Creativity and innovation at the intersection of data, technology, and experience.


“We’re amidst the most significant creative renaissance in history,

an intelligence eXplosion that will not only

expose hidden connections between brand and customer

but will also reveal our deeper purpose.”

- Nikos Acuña -


About Nikos

Nikos Acuña is an award-winning author, producer, speaker, investor, and futurist. Nikos uncovers the hidden connections between brands and audiences, and encapsulates his findings in the daring video series, Symbiosis. 

With decades of experience in enterprise product development, marketing, and operations management—Nikos is an expert in building teams and scaling cross-functional organizations.

Regarded as a luminary in artificial intelligence, interconnected mobility, transportation, and IoT, he also pioneered AI-powered data activation solutions for 8 of the largest 10 global banks, and implemented digital transformation solutions for financial services, private wealth, and asset management companies.

Nikos was the managing director of Rocket Fuel Institute’s AI Innovation Lab, and author of over a dozen research papers on AI and digital transformation. He also wrote several books, including The Predictive Business and Mindshare, which received Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award and the USA Best Book Award.

Nikos is from San Francisco and currently lives in Chicago.




Nikos explores innovation at the intersection of data, technology, and experience – and more broadly, how exponential trends transform our lives. 



The future of marketing leverages exponential trends in digital transformation. Our experiences are now shaped by the convergence of physical and digital environments, virtual and augmented realities, with perfectly aligned data, creative, and media that unlock hidden connections between brands and consumers . . . and there are dimensions yet to be discovered. AI, blockchain, IoT, emotional analytics, and other emerging technologies are powering this renaissance. This keynote energizes audiences about the future of marketing—and life itself—while educating them about the fundamental forces driving this explosion, showing how to amplify creative and analytical intelligence, and demonstrating how brands can help design a better world. 


how technology transforms us

The supercomputers in our pockets now have more power than the best communication device only the U.S. president had just 30 years ago. This digital transformation impacts business at a macroscopic scale, rewiring our brains and changing our experiences in ways we have yet to fathom. The interaction between humanity and technology looks beyond the horizon into the cosmological exploration of human potential, when it is augmented by the very tools that have emerged from our imaginations. Let Nikos reveal the intrinsic properties of our symbiotic connection to technology, showing how businesses can leverage exponential thinking to build intelligent solutions that enable us to exceed our limitations, do the unthinkable, and achieve the impossible.



Artificial intelligence may reveal emergent fractal patterns that span from neurons to nebula, with deep implications for how we can achieve optimal performance, superhuman intelligence, and a better understanding of our purpose in life. Nikos weaves a mesmerizing tapestry—a portrait of the modern creative mind and a narrative of its process, resulting in a practical guide to exploring the dynamic nature of innovation as the very creation of consciousness. These inspirational ideas ultimately imply that the essence of life is not survival, but creation. 




As Marshall McLuhan said, “First we build the tools, and then the tools build us.”  The interaction between humanity and technology is a cosmological exploration of what we are destined to become. From digital experiences to synaptic connections electrified in our brains to the supercomputers that can one day give us the capacity to harness genius on demand, this keynote is an audacious rally cry for marketers, business professionals, scientists, creatives, and technologists: 

  • How augmented intelligence will enable us to solve the world’s biggest challenges
  • What uncovering hidden connections between our intrinsic motivations and the brands we love the most reveals about the nature of innovation  
  • How to think exponentially to create unparalleled competitive advantage for your company 
  • How to amplify your own intelligence through platforms of the future





What does the future hold? Nikos is on a quest to explore innovation that occurs at the intersection of data, technology, and experiences in his biweekly video series, Symbiosis. Watch these thought-provoking investigations as Nikos probes the questions that help us understand and reveal what we are destined to become.  


Executive Producer 

AI Academy is a mini-series that educates audiences about AI in marketing in an intuitive, approachable way. From the very basic definitions to the nuts and bolts of how AI works, this series is a foundational primer for marketers aiming to learn more about how AI powers marketing platforms. 


The Future of AI-Powered Customer Experiences 


This presentation provides a kaleidoscopic snapshot of exponential change in marketing technology through artificial intelligence, and how brands and agencies can achieve predictive fluency in a cognitive world:

  • How digital transformation impacts business at a cosmological scale
  • How to build an infrastructure for AI-powered customer experiences
  • Deconstructing and differentiating predictive AI for brands and agencies
  • How to create value in a world of real time interaction and dynamic intelligence
  • How to be a marketing technology rock star in a cognitive and connected era 



Artificial intelligence is sweeping the globe at every scale, but a mind-altering facet is emerging from the fringe. As we become more capable of creating AIs to solve problems, enhance our creative abilities, and delve deeper into the nature of intelligence itself  through advances in machine learning, we'll also unpack the very essence of where we came from, and what we are destined to become. This awe-filled presentation deconstructs the essence of life through the apparent self-reflexive patterns found in nature, our bodies, cities, and other vast ecosystems across the universe.

  • Why do self-similar designs and patterns exist throughout vast scales of nature and what does this tell us about our place in the universe?

  • What are the implications of AI in understanding the nature of our own experience?

  • How do these patterns change the very definition of what it means to be human?





Told in a rich, lyrical style, Mindshare is a portrait of the modern creative mind and a narrative of its process, a practical guide, and a plea for ambition that captures the imagination by exploring the dynamic nature of creativity and innovation as a multifaceted, integrated craft and the creation of consciousness.


additional writing



The Definitive Field Guide for AI-Powered Marketing 


The Predictive Business

A 7 Part Book on Cross-Industry Digital Transformation

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